Michelle Obama on SOUL MUSIC and on BEING GREAT! (Message from THE WHITE HOUSE)

“Embrace whatever makes you unique, even if it makes other people uncomfortable….Take some risks…Work your butt off…work it until your butt comes off.” – Michelle Obama

The White House gets down too! The First Lady shares stories of Melissa Etheridge, Patti LaBelle, Janelle Monae and more people who bare their soul.

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In spirit: Celebration of Whitney Houston with Narada Walden at The Grammy Museum




I felt so touched hearing Shelea cover Whitney Houston songs at the Grammy Museum. Her voice is absolutely amazing. I know how hard it is to do Whitney’s songs justice because of how much spirituality was infused in every run and every note of each song. Shelea did!! Please check her out on youtube when you get a chance.

Shelea sings a tribute to Whitney Houston

Narada Michael Walden has enough energy to fuel the world. He spoke about his career producing hits for Whitney Houston. It was inspiring to learn how much love was poured into each record.

Whitney was fearless. She was humble, loved her voice and lived big with a deep love of God. Narada remembers Whitney throwing a dinner for all the engineers and team who made the albums possible.

The second album was completed in two months. Narada shared advice with the audience, “Working fast is where it’s at. If something takes too much time. It wears out. Capture it and keep it fun and fresh.”

Whitney had the gift of improvisation. The ability to Capture a moment and the freedom to shift the music into fifth gear. Narada calls that gear God.

From an early age, Whitney has been able to deliver a deeply connected song through her voice. Rightfully so, as she comes from a family of amazing vocalists including her aunt Dionne Warwick and mother Sissy Houston.

Even her father would come by the studio and ask, “Are you taking time for yourself?”. Narada and Whitney would stop the recording session so she could talk with her father. This is the kind of support that Whitney was blessed with.

Narada has a new book out that shares more about their close friendship and working relationship. It’s called Whitney Houston: The Voice, the Music, the Inspiration.

Also, if you’re a fan check out Whitney’s version of Higher Love which apparently was unreleased.

Higher Love

Thank you for all you do!

Celebrating Whitney @ the Grammy Museum

I still love Whitney’s early albums. Incredible talent. My favorite part of the Grammy exhibit was watching a documentary on what it was like to work with Whitney. It is rare that artists can knock out a song to be record ready on the first take, but apparently it was common for Whitney even without listening to the demo in excess. Adele has done that on her recent albums and it still amazes me to hear these type of stories. I love to hear about raw talent, hard work and the magic that happens behind the scenes. Also, it was amazing watching Whitney sing the Star Spangled Banner again. It looked so effortless and passionate.