Pics Are Here! Wonderful Seeing You @TheMintLA Showcase

The Mint LA, Songsalive! Showcase

The Mint LA, Songsalive! Showcase

It was just last week that Chris Lee and I were playing at The Mint Los Angeles with family and friends. If you had a chance to join us, please leave your comments and “testify” at the bottom of this blog or on my site with your experience. Your comments, few or plenty, make a huge impact on the shows we bring you in the future! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

Hello Ladies!  Moni brightens the evening with her fashionable touch!

Hello Ladies! Moni brightens the evening with her fashionable touch!

Danielle W Carter

Intense discussion after the show!

Good excuse for a mini reunion!

Good excuse for a mini reunion!

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Songsalive! Showcase @TheMintLA

Songsalive! Showcase @TheMintLA

Danielle and Chris Lee, Pianist Danielle and Chris Lee, Pianist, Composer Producer

Danielle and Jimmy, Musician and Founder of Song Net

Danielle @TheMintLA

Singer/Songwriters in around Nashville Style Showcase

Singer/Songwriters in a round Nashville Style Showcase

Danielle W. Carter taking in Chris Lee on Piano

Coming Soon!
Season II of “From the Ground Up: Life Of An Indie Artist”
Outdoor photo shoot by Blanco Photography

Special THANK YOU’s to Chris Lee, Amber C. for collecting fav song votes at The Mint, Cynthia C. for your photography skills and Songsalive! for selecting us for Spotlight Member of The Month and the Mint showcase and last but never least PURE+Prive Jewelry Company for the frosting both on stage and off

Find Another Way – Written by: Danielle W. Carter
The Other Room – Written with Anthony Bowman
Talking to Love – Written with Sophie Ilys

How time flies! Show is over and now I am sitting at a small coffee counter overlooking 43rd Street and 9th Avenue in the Big Apple. Taking a careful sip of my steamy mug, I watch thousands of shoes scurry down the worn cemented streets. Sometimes I’m amazed by the simple fact that it is so easy to pick up and leave one city for another, immersed in a brand new rhythm. It feels like a fresh start, or maybe what having a new identity would be like. All of the things that I “had to do” but didn’t have enough time to get to don’t seem as urgent when I step outside of my bubble. There are so many places I’m naturally drawn to that I know I must visit like the UK, Argentina, Peru, etc…Where do you want to go? There are definitely more adventures with my name on it. What could be waiting for you?


Unconventional Inspiration

When’s the last time you heard or saw something that made you stop and think, “wow, that’s exceptional?”

It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. Today, I’m a lucky gal! I got an email from Chris Guillebeau who has a blog as well. He talks about the “unconventional book tour” mapped out at arbitrary places throughout the country. After reading the article below, it hit me that: one, I’m a huge do it yourselfer and two, in reminded that anything is possible. It’s easy for me to think things have to be a certain way…just like on TV and the movies right? Maybe not! What’s something that’s taking you longer than you’d like to complete? Now, is there another way to go about it? Whatever alternative solution you come up with may be even more authentic and creative because it’s your spin on it!

Try it on a big or small decision this week and comment below to let me know how your experience was.

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Can I Take You to Africa? The Journey Into A Fresh New Year

The last time I experienced jet lag this intense was in 2006 when I studied in Hong Kong and China. Phew! After a couple days of travel, I am here in Lagos, Africa with my God family! A big thank you to my God family!

I finally went to bed at 3am and woke up at 4pm. I guess I was exhausted from all the off and on naps on the plane. Not to mention exhausted from a busy 2012.

Comment below and tell me what’s on your bucket list? Have you always wanted to go to London? Paris? South Africa? Have you had your eye on a career change? On a special someone?

Getting more of what you want this year is within your reach. It’s closer than you think even. What is something small, one step that you can take today…one decision you could make today…that could change your life for the better? Let me know in the comments below. Plus if you take action, share that too! It could be as simple as buying a sewing machine or a yoga class, or scheduling a vacation.

Mine was the switch into my dream career. It took me two years to discover, plan and take action. Put it out there and everyday will stem from your personal vision.

Since June 2012, with your support I’ve:
– Written over 80 new songs
– Written and recorded my first solo project produced by Abstrakt Soundz (recommended if you like Sade, Imogen Heap, Bjork and Sia)
– Sang with the amazing Wayne Brady and Judith Hill for the Crystal Starr’s foster kids benefit
– Released original music videos with the talented independent artists Tiffany Parker and Shan Carballo
– Performed at popular LA venues with talented bands like Roxie & the Ki , Illegal Download Collection, Nina Storey
– Stayed up on music business and craft by attending conferences, Billboard TV Film and Music , Taxi Road Rally , ASAP I create music expo
– Attended classes at The Songwriting School of LA and attended over 15 private songwriting workshops with great teachers like Pat Pattison and Jason Blume .

Last year, I decided to add a time frame to my dreams and put myself in places where I thought the dream might be. Most of all, I told myself my life is going to be fun and fruitful with amazing people! Then one opportunity led to the next. What will Africa have in store now? What will this year have in store for you?

Steven Memel shared a powerful piece of wisdom. I will do my best to do it justice. Vision is not determined by circumstance or fair weather conditions. Stay the course and you will reach what you envision for your life.

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Look forward to hearing what’s on your bucket list, comments and song requests! We share this journey together.