Was lunch free? Year-End Music Tax Tips for the Self-Employed & Musicians

http://www.daniellewcarter.comWhat’s music to your ears around tax season?  Hmm….the nerd in me likes to know the benefits of deductions.  Isn’t this everyone’s idea of weekend fun?…

Enjoy these tips for educational purposes!  

The below was provided by the helpful customer service team at Sweetwater.  I am not affiliated with the company, nor am I a  tax advisor, so please refer to www.irs.gov and your tax and legal professionals for advice.  

The first article speaks directly to musicians and briefly explains travel, meal, vehicle, and equipment expenses (for both gigging and studio musicians), and whether or not you can deduct them on your taxes. http://www.artstaxinfo.com/musicians.shtml

Here is a “nuts and bolts” explanation of Section 179 (first-year depreciation allowance for equipment) and how to take advantage of it. http://www.section179.org/

The last article features a list of common deductible business expensesThis can be helpful if you are considered self-employed or if you own your own studio. http://www.musicbizacademy.com/knab/articles/taxtips.htm

The Sweetwater company is not comprised of legal experts or tax advisors, so you should definitely discuss these issues with your own professional tax advisor.  Each individual’s situation is different, and these links are for informational purposes only.


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Unconventional Inspiration

When’s the last time you heard or saw something that made you stop and think, “wow, that’s exceptional?”

It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. Today, I’m a lucky gal! I got an email from Chris Guillebeau who has a blog as well. He talks about the “unconventional book tour” mapped out at arbitrary places throughout the country. After reading the article below, it hit me that: one, I’m a huge do it yourselfer and two, in reminded that anything is possible. It’s easy for me to think things have to be a certain way…just like on TV and the movies right? Maybe not! What’s something that’s taking you longer than you’d like to complete? Now, is there another way to go about it? Whatever alternative solution you come up with may be even more authentic and creative because it’s your spin on it!

Try it on a big or small decision this week and comment below to let me know how your experience was.

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Curious minds

Tonight I’m completely geeked out. I ordered books online from Tess Taylor’s (of NARIP) and RockHistoryGirl’s recommended reading lists. I’m so excited to read them all at once. Which one first?! Think I’ll pick one creativity sparking book and one business minded book. Feed the right and the left brain. Let’s get nerdy…


Major Chord

My voice teacher Jocelyn Scofield is phenomenal. It’s really the first time that I’ve worked with an artist/vocal coach who gets what I’m doing! Jocelyn is a ridiculous singer who has so much control over her voice. I watched her perform live and was blown away. That’s the goal, to understand my voice as an instrument and be able to play it at full capacity. Oh man does it take time! Guess it’s like learning anything. When you’re growing, it’s challenging and then worth the pay off. My voice has improved so much since the coaching and rehearsing/singing all the time.

Going to start a new routine on Monday. I write all the time, but really need to hone in on music theory and chord progressions, vocal drills, and preparing a set of standards to perform. All of this with the intention of creating better songs for myself and the artists I’m writing for. There’s exceptional talent out there waiting to deliver amazing songs. Let’s get to it!