We love your feedback!

Thank you for all the wonderful notes about the Invincible EP!  Every message has brought such joy!  Excited to share a special note from Artist and Blogger Sasha Frank here.  ❤️ Love you guys!


Joy, pure Joy!

Every first Saturday Joy Graysen hosts a special performers night at The Republic of Pie. Last month I had the pleasure of performing with guitarist Andrew Garcia. Be sure to join in the fun for a soulful evening. 

Are you Coachella ready?

Bishop Briggs is!  She just tore it up at El Rey and as the balloons floated among the crowd it was obvious she’s going to bring the energy to Coachella big time. 

With the release of her next project, it’s exciting to hear to speak about the small and mid size venues she used to play throughout LA before she grew to hit these big stages. Here’s a few snippets of the sold out concert in case you missed the party!

Big thank you to @IndieJamsLA and #MeredithLockwood for this amazing experience!


The future of music in VR

Live here at the Virtual Reality Los Angeles conference geeking out today!

We are at the beginning of a transformation of the entertainment industry.  Seated listening to a panel of entertainment industry panelist who are raising questions that we can chuckle about now, but will be legally considered as the industry develops…

As an artist do you own the rights to your likeness?  Can people create the virtual you without your permission?  All questions that will eventually be pushed into the courtrooms and the law as we expand into ethics and regulations.  

VR is being used to treat PTSD and other conditions. It’s also used to create positive emotion. There’s unlimited possibilities in designing and creating experiences in virtual reality. 

For musicians, there’s always a demand for live music. However VR adds on to this by capturing or enhancing the touring market for those who replay the real experience.  It may even be another way for musicians to create money within this space. 
Hope this summary of the touch points from the panel on “VR and the Evolution of Entertainment” sparked some ideas for how we think about the future.   

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