Which of these songs are on your playlist?

Which of these three songs could make your playlist? 

If you’re a new music lover too, here’s a few songs I’ve had stuck in rotation for different reasons.  Enjoy!

In a Singer/Songwriter Mood? Ed Sheeran‘s “A Team”

Love that lyric “It’s too cold outside for angels to fly.”

Feeling a little edgey?  Paramore‘s “Still Into You

So simple and true “…After all the butterfly’s I’m still into you.”

Need a little Indie pep in your step?  RAC’s “Hollywood”

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Have you heard “Girls Love Beyoncé“? (Drake’s version of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name”)  

Remember that song “Say My Name” from Destiny’s Child?  I bought the single when I was back in school.  I used to listen to it on repeat of course.  Rapper Drake just did his version using the hook featuring James Fauntleroy (who’s solo sound is cool too).  A modern male perspective.  Gentlemen, can you relate?  My young ladies, what do you think?  Is hardcore gangster rap fading out and a more honest perspective on the horizon?

What do rap songs mean?  If you want to decode rap lyrics, you can always visit Rap Genius .

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Random Night Out: VIP Tickets to Lianne La Havas (London’s Soulful Singer/Songwriter)

Pleasant surprise!  Random story about how I ended up in VIP at Lianne’s concert.  My friend’s cousin (who I met a couple days prior) texts me at 9PM.  He has an extra ticket to see London singer/songwriter Lianne La Havas.  The concert is going to start in 15 minutes!  I grab a quick dry kale salad…it was so dry!!…and jump into a cab downtown.  As I walk up the dimly light steps into the concert venue, I hear Lianne singing.  As I wait by the steps/entrance, a couple who is leaving asks if I want to take their VIP passes since they have to go.  Yes please!  My new friend and I head on up to VIP for some photo opps, then down to the ground level where the root of the crowd energy is already boiling.  What a fantastic and surprising night!  In the flow of life; some things you can’t plan.

Lianne La Havas was great live.  The tone of her voice was rich with a nice edge.  Great energy from the audience.  The stage setup was simple.  Acoustic set, good songs with strong lyrics and a powerful voice.  The entire concert hall was singing along.  It’s good to know that pure music from someone’s heart without all the gimics is still appreciated.  I am inspired by tonight’s show.  Can’t wait to write more songs for my project and with other talented artists.

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Lianne La Havas at Webster Hall IMG_2082 IMG_2085