Two Shows You Don’t Want To Miss

The good news is there are two great lineups, one at the Troubadour in Beverly Hills and one at Witzend in Venice, CA.

The bad news is they are both tonight! Here are the details below.

Witzend calendar & info


“GREENROOTS : GreenRoots Productions is an eco-friendly, socially conscious company that organizes live music benefit concerts at premiere venues in the Los Angeles area. What started with an eco-friendly wedding in Ojai, CA has organically grown to include producing events, commercials, films and music showcases centered around creating a sense of community within the artists’ community and raising funds for different local Los Angeles non-profit causes that support literacy programs for impoverished children, Hope for Haiti Now, arts and music education programs, and many more. GreenRoots has put on sold-out concerts with artists including Aqualung, Colbie Caillat, Andy Grammer, and MTV platinum-selling atlantic Records artist Bruno Mars. GreenRoots has also presented performers including Cary Brothers, Rocco DeLuca, Brendan James, Amber Rubarth, Chris Pierce, Keaton Simons, Lucy Schwartz, Katie Costello, Kina Grannis, John West, and Ernie Halter. GreenRoots has built strong partnerships as a result of following the motto of “Creating community, from the roots up”. From intimate parties and documentaries to jam sessions in Venice and Hollywood, GreenRoots hopes to remind the artists and the audience that the purpose behind the art is participation, locally and globally, because at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.”

Calendar & Info

The Teddy Campbell Band – (Set time: 11:10 PM)

The Teddy Campbell Band is the new sound of retrospect. Established in late 2011, the band has already headlined at the World Famous Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles and, most recently, opened up for the incomparable James Ingram. In a world where “sound alike” is all so common, these guys are definitely the uncommon denominator. Their new soul/rock music is a refreshing, agreeable blend of sonic sounds reminiscent of Ray Charles, The Beatles & The Rolling Stones. The bands frontman, Teddy Campbell (The Tonight Show, American Idol, Christina Aguilera, Stevie Wonder, Britney Spears, Herbie Hancock), is no stranger to the music scene.

Ethan Farmer – (Set time: 10:40 PM)

Ethan Farmer, a native of Chicago, Illinois, has established himself as an incredible talent amongst bass players in the industry today. Born into a musical family, he has a natural gift and ability, however his passion and ear for music are what define him as a bass phenom. While his talent speaks volumes on its own, his charisma and authenticity have propelled his career; affording him opportunities to work with a diverse range of artists traveling and performing around the world. Ethan was introduced to music early on, first picking up his father’s bass at the age of five and receiving his own at six. Always crediting “some of the most amazing musicians I know,” his first musical influences came from his family who had a well-known gospel group. At eight years old, he became the youngest member of the family group, The Amazing Farmer Singers, marking the beginning of a life long love and pursuit of music.

Allison Iraheta & Halo Circus – (Set time: 10:10 PM)

Jubu And Legally Blynd – (Set time: 9:40 PM)

What’s in a name? When it comes to Legally Blynd, this band’s name tells more than the traditional moniker…it speaks of the group defying enormous odds to remain in existence, a testament in surviving the music industry. Led by world-renowned guitarist and lead singer John “Jubu” Smith, the six-member band’s sound has a “Curtis Mayfield meets Dave Matthews Band feel. The band is a gumbo mix of soul, blues, country and gospel. A type of music that is so gripping and passionate, that you simply can’t forget it. The band’s undeniable talent in both the recording studio and live stage is matched by their relentless dedication to success.

Shoshana Bean – (Set time: 9:10 PM)

Shoshana Bean is best known for her roles in the Broadway smash hits WICKED and HAIRSPRAY and a stellar performance alongside Brian McKnight on the Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards honoring Aretha Franklin. She has performed solo concerts around the world and headlined in the Las Vegas Burlesque revue Peepshow opposite Holly Madison. Her debut solo album Superhero peaked at #5 on the iTunes R&B charts in its first week of sales, making it the only independent album in the top 100. Her work as a singer/songwriter has been featured on MTV’s The Hills, Mercy, The Big C and The Bad Girls Club. Her debut single ‘Superhero’ was used to promote NBC’s Monday night line-up and received an independent Music Award for best R&B song. She sang back up fro an endless list of superstars for Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration at Madison Square Garden and has lent her voice to the film soundtracks for Hairspray, Enchanted and Dance Flick, as well as FOX’s Glee and House. Shoshana claims DEAR JOHN MAYER as her latest triumph, a musical she co-created, starred in and for which she wrote the music and lyrics. She is currently recording her as yet untitled sophomore album.

J.P. Delaire – D’l’oHm Project – (Set time: 8:45 PM)

J.P. DeLaire, noted sideman for Prince and Michael Bolton, has released his debut solo CD, In My Life on Tender Girl Music. This collection of original compositions was produced by DeLaire and is a rich musical menu that ranges from contemporary jazz to the Minneapolis funk of his native roots. As member of the legendary musical “Peterson Family” of Minneapolis, DeLaire was schooled in straight ahead jazz and R & B. He has shared the stage with greats including Oleta Adams, Alexander O’Neal, Richard Marx, Solo, Donny Osmond and Cherrelle. DeLaire has also worked with famed producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

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Locked Out Of Heaven Waiting For You

It’s 11:40AM on Sunday in Nigeria. I’m sitting in my room missing a special someone. Have you ever been apart from someone who makes you happy? Feeling like you’re “locked out of heaven” is a bitter sweet problem to have. If you care for someone enough to miss them when you’re apart, or if you’ve been in a long distance relationship, I wrote this song for you.

Imagine you are sitting still in a chair gazing out of a frosty window. Then press Frozen Memories to find out what happens…

This is an exclusive listen to “Frozen Memories,” a new song that I co-wrote with David Smith and Tiffany Parker. It will be released on iTunes this Tuesday! Please visit to purchase this song performed by Tiffany Parker.

Tiffany, David Smith and I meet at a NARIP event. NARIP is a global music professionals organization. It’s been a great resource and has a network full of people who truly care about making heartfelt music to set the mood for your favorite TV shows, movies and radio stations.

It’s a good feeling to be able to give life to this story. So many of our troops’ families have lived this song repeatedly. It’s my hope that this song can bring them and you peace and hope. Please leave a comment. Have you lived in this distant romance before? How did you cope?

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Big thanks to you for following me online through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube! Because of your interest, I’m honored to be ranked among the top 3 ambient soul artists on Reverbnation. Just wait until you hear the new project comes out produced by Abstrakt Soundz. More eargasms to follow!

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Cheers from Africa! Only one more week in sunny Nigeria then it’s, well hello California. Oh dear, 2013 might fly as quickly as the last.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

Everything Is Everything: A Touch of Daily Inspiration!

A close friend of mine shared this with me today. Now I’d like to share this with you. This message extends well beyond being an actor so I want to share this with you as a nice reminder to keep on polishing. I am right beside you and have seen the breakthroughs that come from doing the work consistently.

What motivates you? Does the below hit home for you?

Becoming Diamonds

A musical introduction: Rhianna’s Song Diamonds as Performed by Travis Garland

Becoming Diamonds: An actor, Rick Foley, posted this on Facebook, and it resonates: “I’ve had many up & down times since moving to L.A. to pursue an acting career. Even though we can’t always see the light at the end of the frequent “tunnels” & even though sh** seems hopeless…. these “down times” have a purpose. They help you to reassess, regroup, recover, rebound & figure out better strategies. Coal doesn’t become a diamond unless it is subjected to extreme heat & pressure. We have to remind ourselves of this. This applies to acting & every other endeavor in life. Keep on keeping on.”

We are in process. As artists we are always creating the work and ourselves. We don’t have to suffer extra hard… we suffer enough. Our individual lives are rich with feelings and personal interpretations, experiences that inform our creative journey. Unique to us and powerful in what we bring to the world. It’s what we do with the pain and the pleasure of our experiences that both impact our personal expression and feeds the collective. Everything we do, feel, undergo (and as creative beings we sense it all deeply) contributes to the complexity of our lives. The wounds become breathtaking scars. The failures become triumphs. The labor builds works of art.

We cannot be perfect. We can, however, be whole. And, how we endure the “extreme heat and pressure” of any coal compression will reveal the diamond within. Diamonds aren’t perfect. They have brilliance – brightness, symmetry, and reflection. They reflect the color of the truth around them. They hold their power. With certainty. So, in that, what we really want to do is make space for the diamond to glow. Give it space, time, and respect. And do whatever we have to do to honor our brillance.

As actors, do the work. It will expose you – your exceptional gift, energy, character. It will move you from coal to diamond. And in the engagement of our passion our brilliance is revealed.

“The seed of your next art work lies embedded in the imperfections of your current piece.” (David Bayles). Found at this website

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Can I Take You to Africa? The Journey Into A Fresh New Year

The last time I experienced jet lag this intense was in 2006 when I studied in Hong Kong and China. Phew! After a couple days of travel, I am here in Lagos, Africa with my God family! A big thank you to my God family!

I finally went to bed at 3am and woke up at 4pm. I guess I was exhausted from all the off and on naps on the plane. Not to mention exhausted from a busy 2012.

Comment below and tell me what’s on your bucket list? Have you always wanted to go to London? Paris? South Africa? Have you had your eye on a career change? On a special someone?

Getting more of what you want this year is within your reach. It’s closer than you think even. What is something small, one step that you can take today…one decision you could make today…that could change your life for the better? Let me know in the comments below. Plus if you take action, share that too! It could be as simple as buying a sewing machine or a yoga class, or scheduling a vacation.

Mine was the switch into my dream career. It took me two years to discover, plan and take action. Put it out there and everyday will stem from your personal vision.

Since June 2012, with your support I’ve:
– Written over 80 new songs
– Written and recorded my first solo project produced by Abstrakt Soundz (recommended if you like Sade, Imogen Heap, Bjork and Sia)
– Sang with the amazing Wayne Brady and Judith Hill for the Crystal Starr’s foster kids benefit
– Released original music videos with the talented independent artists Tiffany Parker and Shan Carballo
– Performed at popular LA venues with talented bands like Roxie & the Ki , Illegal Download Collection, Nina Storey
– Stayed up on music business and craft by attending conferences, Billboard TV Film and Music , Taxi Road Rally , ASAP I create music expo
– Attended classes at The Songwriting School of LA and attended over 15 private songwriting workshops with great teachers like Pat Pattison and Jason Blume .

Last year, I decided to add a time frame to my dreams and put myself in places where I thought the dream might be. Most of all, I told myself my life is going to be fun and fruitful with amazing people! Then one opportunity led to the next. What will Africa have in store now? What will this year have in store for you?

Steven Memel shared a powerful piece of wisdom. I will do my best to do it justice. Vision is not determined by circumstance or fair weather conditions. Stay the course and you will reach what you envision for your life.

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Look forward to hearing what’s on your bucket list, comments and song requests! We share this journey together.

Live @ the Troubadour with Mark Ballas

Mark Ballas is giving a heart felt performance live at the Troubadour right now! He has a Bruno Mars, Michael Buble, Robin Thick feel with a mean blues groove in some songs. His band is absolutely on it tonight! Glad I came out tonight.

Another great show is Nina Storey. Tuesday, January 8th at Hotel Cafe. 9pm new album will be featured! You’ll catch me singing background with the band on stage as well. See you there!

Click to see events page

Here’s his bio from the Troubadour website:

A lifelong dancer and musician, Emmy nominated Mark Ballas has wowed over 20 million viewers on ABC’s number one show, “Dancing with the Stars,” for eight seasons. No stranger to the coveted mirror ball trophy, he is a two-time champion (Season 6 with Kristi Yamaguchi and Season 8 with Shawn Johnson), and caused a media frenzy when he took performance newcomer Bristol Palin all the way to the finals in Season 11. Mark garnered a 2011 Creative Arts Emmy nomination for Outstanding Choreography for his creative pieces during Season 12, where he and his partner, Disney star Chelsea Kane, made it to the finals, finishing in third place. This season, he and his partner, Katherine Jenkins, danced in the finals, finishing in second place. On April 12th, Mark’s debut solo album HurtLoveBox, was released by Hit Play Records – Sony Red. A true passion project, HurtLoveBox is an intimate, personal journey of the trials and tribulations of life and relationships. His first single “Hotwire” was the winner of MTV’s Freshman Five for 2011 and has been put in rotation on the network. Thus far, it has received over 100 million documented views, and appeared on feature reels in over 100,000 retail and business locations worldwide. Mark was named the Clear Channel “Artist To Watch” in July, 2011. Born in Houston to a family of international dance stars, Mark moved to London as a child, where he attended the world-renowned Italia Conti Performing Arts School and graduated with honors. Here, he was required to not only dance, but also sing, act and play an instrument. He began playing the guitar at the age of ten, training in classic flamenco. By age 12 was writing and performing his own music, playing guitar, drums and bass. With guitar influences ranging from Kurt Cobain, Paco de Lucia, Gypsy Kings, John Mayer and Eric Clapton, Mark is carving out his own niche in the music word. His rhythmic style and soulful melodies showcase his talent not only as an accomplished singer, but also as a skilled guitar player. As an actor, Mark has played the lead in the musical Copacabana. He also took on roles in the UK tour of Maria de Buenos Aires, and was an understudy in the London Palladium production of Buddy, The Buddy Holly Musical, which one the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Musical. In television, he has guest starred on “Melissa and Joey” and “Samantha Who?”. When Mark isn’t performing, he is passionate about speaking to school age kids about acceptance. While on his 50 city acoustic tour this winter, Mark carved out time to visit schools in each city to discuss this topic. Six years ago, Mark and his family were forever altered by the suicide of his Uncle David. Through the grieving process, Mark and his mother Shirley (David’s sister) began to align themselves with The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. By forming The Ballas Foundation in the fall of 2010, Mark and Shirley are committed to removing the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide by raising money, awareness, and volunteerism in support of suicide awareness. While suicide is a somber and sometimes taboo subject, Mark’s discussions with school kids are upbeat, uplifting, and fun, delivering his message in a light manner that is easy to absorb with peers. Mark believes that if we accept everyone for who they are, the lives lived by kids who are considered “different” will be easier, paving the way for all kids to grow into themselves and flourish in life.



It’s a New Day!

Happy New Year! How did 2013 come so quickly! Yesterday I brought in the year with friends in the City of Angeles making new resolutions.

In the new year, I will spend more time with family, develop a regular workout routine, write every morning, get paid to perform regularly and learn something new about my loved ones each day.

What are some of your resolutions?





My ladies and I closed out the holidays by supporting a music charity event for Habitat for Humanity!

Here’s a link to the short video clip in the new video blog series. Click here for the video

The mid January editions will be reported from Africa! Stay tuned for international travels and new music in 2013! Thank you for sharing an amazing year together.

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