Out and About with Ciara, Nina Storey and JoJo

Have you heard Nina Storey sing yet? I’m loving her new album which will be performed live on January 8th at Hotel Cafe. You can catch me singing on background vocals.

I met Nina at the first monthly Bacon Social music and art show initially, then I ended up joining in to sing backgrounds for the band a couple weeks ago. She is extremely talented and such a genuine person. Love working with her and the band. I will let her music and shows “do the talking.” Looking forward to continuing on. Plus I’m a big fan of Hotel Cafe. The crowd was completely engaged and the sound is amazing.



I just discovered that Ciara is back in action! She has great presence on stage and her background dancers were on the money. I’m interested to hear her new music.

The Backpack Kids opened up for Ciara at the Key Club. Tommy Parker and Austin Brown are a fiery duo. Austin is on the rise with the support of the Jackson legacy. I love watching performers who look like they’re having a blast on stage. You can tell he loves what he’s doing! His music just hit the radio this week as well. Big movements to come for these talented folk.

The night before the Key Club show, I went with a friend to Austin’s birthday concert celebration where JoJo performed. She’s incredible. Her voice is big, soulful and so well controlled. Not to mention, she completely owns the stage. Every time I watch a live performance, I learn new ways to communicate with an audience on stage. Sounds contradictory, but performing is learning how to have a meaningful one-on-one conversation but in public. More outings and learnings to come.

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Here are the photos from JoJo and Nina Storey’s show:





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