Off the charts! Billboard Film and TV Music




The Billboard Film and TV music conference was so intimate. It was easy to met many music supervisors and other serious music professionals. I also had one-on-one sessions and roundtable discussions. I received some great feedback on the single and album songs from top executives.

My favorite speakers were L.A. Reid and Christina Aguilera. Every panel was insightful, learning more about what people do and how they got to where they are. They are doing what we are doing, multitasking and staying open to creating opportunities they are passionate about.

I will do a separate post with the key highlights from the L.A. Reid, Demi Lovato and Christina panel. There were some nice takeaways.

My favorite part of the week was recording with my new Aussie music family who were visiting from the music division of Sydney Institute. Kerry Furlong brought a nice size group of musicians and artists from Australia to enjoy both the independent music conference and the Billboard conferences. One of the recording artists Katherine Vavahea won some free studio time at Fourth Street Studios in Santa Monica. G’la, an artist from the bay area, and I join them for background vocals at the studio. Those pictures are above as well.

We were thinking we probably should start the new international Spice Girls group. It was an honor to get to know and work with these talented and genuine ladies! Last week was very fruitful. Looking forward to visiting Australia and doing some touring abroad once the album is done.







One thought on “Off the charts! Billboard Film and TV Music

  1. Sounds like a fabulous conference with beautiful, talented artists like above! Love the idea of a Spice Girls group…cute and sassy!

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