A wealth of Indie artist resources

There has been so much going on lately! Here is an overview below.

I performed at Skinny’s with Tiffany Parker last Wednesday. Thanks to Tyler Suard for organizing the night! We have some great shots below from the show.

Today I’m at the Billboard Film and TV music conference at the W Hotel. I’m volunteering with Songsalive! and look forward to building some relationships. Tomorrow are the one-on-one sessions to pitch and get feedback for “Live in the light” which is on my site. You can get a free download if you sign up for the e-newsletter.

Also, last week was the Independent Music Conference at Musicians Institute. It was so nice to meet other indie artists and attend a couple of the panels on mixing with Shelly Yakus and Ari Blitz, vocal performance with Steve Memel and Bill Pere’s workshop on songwriting. Very detailed and interactive!! In fact, if you’re reading this and you’re an artist/songwriter look up each of these people. They have a wealth of resources for indie artists.

Shelly and Ari created a mixing and mastering program for independent artists which is very affordable. Shelly has worked on albums for Tom Petty and other legends. You can get a 60 second preview before you pay. It’s competitive quality per the samples they played in the workshop. Crazy I can get their professional touch for cheap. I can’t wait to use it. Here’s the link: http://www.promasterhd.com/

Both Steve and Bill have special seminars geared toward helping indie artists as well.

On to the pictures…

Tiffany, Shai and me at Skinny’s Hollywood. That’s Kyle Bolden back there on the guitar. He’s ridiculously talented.




Indie Music Conference



Got to run to the studio to record. It’s time for a nap after all these events…



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