Caution! Artists at work

Why not test the pavement? Tiffany Parker, Tyler Suard and I teamed up and hit the streets of Hollywood in front of the Kodak Theater this week. We parked it right next to Darth Vader and Kobe Bryant on the strip and sang our songs. We had such a big crowd during original pop songs “All Falls Into Place” and “Green Room,” but it could be largely because Tyler was dancing his heart out, with shoes in hand. He was kidding of course, but I could barely breathe, much less keep a straight face. There’s video footage in the hands of many tourists. Once we break ground as artists, that footage is sure to resurface. Nonetheless, an amazing and fun filled day tag teaming the streets of Hollywood.

There’s something about street performing that thickens my skin. You’re completely free to do whatever and no one cares. They stop only if they’re interested and it’s not personal. But when a homeless man in a wheelchair comes up, kisses my hand and pours out the only change in his cup because he’s been touched through music, it is personal. What are you truly living for?






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