Music Connects Hearts

Today was incredible! I performed covers and some original songs at the Torrance Street Fair. Shai Dawn organized the show. Shai, Tyler Suard, Che Zifandel and I brought our musical hearts to play in Torrance. A huge thank you to Shai for organizing and a huge thank you to Tyler for taking the time to rehearse and accompany me on guitar.

My favorite part of the day was connecting with a woman named Chasity who’s daughter is 11 years old. Her daughter loves to sing and has been writing up a storm. Two hours later Chasity comes back with her mom and daughter to meet me. Such a sweet encounter. I hope to stay in touch with them and help in anyway possible. I love to meet parents who support and encourage their children’s interests. Starting at age 11, she’s going to be a force to reckon with. Especially if she gets a solid foundation this early on. I would be honored to serve as a mentor!

Also, there was the cutest sweetest little girl with curly golden hair named Faith. We chatted and jumped around for a good while. She was absolutely adorable! If these are my fans, I’m already blessed!

We had great participation from the crowd. I brought an empty tree for people to stick messages stating what they are grateful for. By the end of the day, the tree was lined with notes of gratitude. A fun way to get people involved without asking for anything but their time. It’s the music that brings people together in a tender way. I fell in love with today!









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