Curious minds

Tonight I’m completely geeked out. I ordered books online from Tess Taylor’s (of NARIP) and RockHistoryGirl’s recommended reading lists. I’m so excited to read them all at once. Which one first?! Think I’ll pick one creativity sparking book and one business minded book. Feed the right and the left brain. Let’s get nerdy…



Trevor Hall’s Under Pressure

Trevor Hall poured his soul out at the Troubadour this past Sunday night. He is a solid performer with so much heart. I love the fact that the music is not selfish. It’s all about enjoying an experience with everyone in the room. His music is spiritual and the lyrics are meaningful and clever. He has a spoken word, reggae, folk vibe and has studied Dylan and Marley. Apparently he’s from here. I’m curious to know how he developed his accent. I understand he does much charitable giving. Solid artist. I like what he’s about. His musicians were on point as well!

Justin Young and Anuhea opened. Really nice styles/sounds! Here’s some of their songs:

Anuhea – Higher Than The Clouds (Official Video)

Justin Young ft. Colbie Caillat – “Puzzle Pieces”

Trevor Hall – Under Pressure

Friday night in LA

Some nights are just about enjoying good company and a Friday night out in LA. Went to LACMA Friday Jazz in the park. Now watching the Leftover Cuties at Casa Del Mar. This is their last day at this venue after two years. I wish them well as they tour. Very classic vintage sound. Each of the musicians sound great. Have a special place in my heart for upright bass and vocals of course. The piano/horn player and drummer are on point as well. Ah! They’re covering Poker Face by Lady GaGa! Where is GaGa by the way?…






Daley’s Voice Gets Me Right Here

I just downloaded Daley’s free mixtape from his website.  Can’t wait to listen to it.  He does a really nice cover of Maxwell’s Pretty Wings, which is definitely one of my favorite Maxwell songs.  Smooth silky voice with all the dressing on the stuffing.  Can’t get enough good stuff. 

Recently, I’ve been listening to many artists from Europe.  Bernhoft and Kimbra are some other talented musicans that I’m following.  Love that Bernhoft and Kimbra use looping to do one-man/woman shows (links below).  It’s definitely the age of D.I.Y. music.  The more you can do, the merrier.  I’m on it, just wait…

Bernhoft “C’mon Talk”

Kimbra “Settle Down” Live

Early Evidence

I was cleaning out the room at my old house and found these lyrics on Hello Kitty note paper. I wonder how the melody went. When I was very little apparently I knew songwriting was an interest. Took a sideways path back to it, but am back nonetheless. While this is certainly no Picasso (understatement lol), the smile on my face is big and cheesy. I am so happy to be writing and making good music with awesome people. Here’s to digging up funny little treasures and to living a life you love everyday!!