Major Chord

My voice teacher Jocelyn Scofield is phenomenal. It’s really the first time that I’ve worked with an artist/vocal coach who gets what I’m doing! Jocelyn is a ridiculous singer who has so much control over her voice. I watched her perform live and was blown away. That’s the goal, to understand my voice as an instrument and be able to play it at full capacity. Oh man does it take time! Guess it’s like learning anything. When you’re growing, it’s challenging and then worth the pay off. My voice has improved so much since the coaching and rehearsing/singing all the time.

Going to start a new routine on Monday. I write all the time, but really need to hone in on music theory and chord progressions, vocal drills, and preparing a set of standards to perform. All of this with the intention of creating better songs for myself and the artists I’m writing for. There’s exceptional talent out there waiting to deliver amazing songs. Let’s get to it!


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