Paul Zollo, Songwriters on Songwriting

Last night the songwriting school of Los Angeles hosted Paul Zollo who is a songwriter and author of books such as Songwriters on Songwriting. I really admire Paul’s natural sense of curiosity and ability to reverse engineer music. His own need to create and understand music lead him to begin asking meaningful questions of the best writers of all times. May we all have such a passion that turns into a great monument of great inspiration for others to delve into. Paul went into great detail about his favorite moments interviewing legends like Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Paul Simon, Randy Newman, R.E.M., Brian Wilson, Frank Zappa, Burt Bacharach, Jackson Browne, Leonard Cohen. Can you imagine getting to know such influential writers?! These are the founders of timeless songs that build bridges for people to explore life through the sounds of music.

Clay Drayton and Paul Zollo @ The Songwriting School of Los Angeles



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