Sixx Carter @HOB

So proud of Sixx doing her thing at the HOB last Sunday! Still have the “Jeans and a T-Shirt” melody stuck in my head. She’s such a great performer.




Marcus Very Ordinary @Trip

Very cool! Walked into Trip about to do a gig with my band Illegal Download Collection and run into Andrew D. His band is Marcus Very Ordinary. They have such a cool sound. Really dig it! They’re releasing their EP tonight.


Major Chord

My voice teacher Jocelyn Scofield is phenomenal. It’s really the first time that I’ve worked with an artist/vocal coach who gets what I’m doing! Jocelyn is a ridiculous singer who has so much control over her voice. I watched her perform live and was blown away. That’s the goal, to understand my voice as an instrument and be able to play it at full capacity. Oh man does it take time! Guess it’s like learning anything. When you’re growing, it’s challenging and then worth the pay off. My voice has improved so much since the coaching and rehearsing/singing all the time.

Going to start a new routine on Monday. I write all the time, but really need to hone in on music theory and chord progressions, vocal drills, and preparing a set of standards to perform. All of this with the intention of creating better songs for myself and the artists I’m writing for. There’s exceptional talent out there waiting to deliver amazing songs. Let’s get to it!

Allen Stone @ The Getty

Yesterday Allen Stone sang his heart out at the Getty! He is a solid performer with a voice that cries with emotion. The band is crazy talented and down to earth as well. The organ really adds this gospel undertone to the music which matches Allen’s vocal flavor as well. As a songwriter, it is always nice to hear how arrangements and lyrics can be delivered powerfully. It’s a reminder that ultimately good music is inspirational and speaks to people. He’ll be back in July at the Greek opening for Al Greene.






Interview with guitarist Lance Seymour

Woke up to a nice interview with guitarist Lance Seymour on He talks about his career as a full-time musician and about the online resource he started called Gear Talk. There’s a link to the full article below. I especially like the part about thinking bigger than your immediate gig and treating every gig as an interview for the next. That’s so important and true. A nice reminder to give it all you got every time. Here’s an excerpt:

What advice would you give specifically to young guitarists that want to make a living playing music?

HA! Why would anyone want to make a living playing music? No, I think being a professional musician is awesome and I would not trade it for another job.

I think it’s important for young musicians to learn the type of things that really get you work:

Knowing tons and tons of songs and playing them all authentically is huge for getting gigs. Constantly be adding to your repertoire.

Learn musicians’ language, terms and phrases so you know what people are talking about in rehearsals and on stage.

Also LEARN NUMBER CHORDS. It’s so important for musicians to be able to recognize chords by their numerical name. No excuse for not knowing them and being able to read them.

I think for guitarists in general, need to be able to able to tailor their tone to whatever style they happen to be playing at the time. Guitarists have so many choices when it comes to gear and effects, in general. It’s important to know how to dial it in and make it feel right for the song.

One piece of advise I give to younger players all time comes from that saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Meaning basically to do every gig like it’s your dream gig. Just because you’re doing what you consider a ‘less than stellar’ gig, you have no excuse to give less than 100% to it. It’s disrespectful to the people you’re working with and to yourself. That attitude will lead to the gigs you actually want to be doing.

Show at O’Briens on Main

Last night was fantastic! I was really happy with the turn out. I love my family and friends for being so supportive. Joe Hurt hosted a wonderful night of musical talent. My band The Sounds of Soul included D on drums, Aliya on guitar and Melony on background vocals. I love them for all the work they put into this show. They are incredible!

This was the first time I’d performed my very first song Jungle Gym. Dennis Trochez and I are still writing an R&B version of our song I Miss Being Scared. However, I sang a rock version of it at the show. Also, we covered Tracy Chapman’s Give me one reason and Corrine Bailey Rae’s Just Like a Star. Until the next show!